In pictures: Urban Apart Hotel in Istanbul

In pictures: Urban Apart Hotel in Istanbul

Urban Apart Hotel, designed by an Istanbul-based studio ID-Istanbul, brings a loyal interpretation of the authentic spirit of Çukurcuma, offering its visitors the comfort of home in the hotel concept with a simple design approach.

Urban Apart Hotel has a scheme constituting two regular and one duplex apartment and a shop on the street level in Çukurcuma, Istanbul.

The kitchens and bathrooms were separated from the living areas by means of wooden panels, and the service cupboards, washing machines and dishwashers were hidden in these panels.

These functions, which are not visible from outside thanks to the panels, provided an integrated and spacious look in the decoration with their intertwining structures.

The terrace located on the upper floor of the hotel was planned as the common area to be used by the existing two normal and one duplex flat.

In the duplex flat, the design of the living room and dining area located on the bottom floor and the bedroom positioned on the upper floor has a construction featuring the functional details.

Opting predominantly for natural materials, massive wood was used for the floor and wall coverings.

While the building, which was bought by its owner for investment purposes, was being transformed into an apartment hotel, it was attempted to avoid the classic hotel room concept. The front and rear facades of the structure, which is inspired by British architecture, were covered with cantilever old bricks. The facade design of the hotel was completed by guillotine windows, which had been used predominantly in the historical buildings but also started to be seen often in the new buildings today, in a loyal way to the historical tissue of the district.












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