In pictures: Al Aziz Mosque in Abu Dhabi projects letters at night

In pictures: Al Aziz Mosque in Abu Dhabi projects letters at night

Recently opened Al Aziz Mosque on the Al Reem Island in Abu Dhabi has been designed by APG Architecture and Planning Group. With this new mosque, APG has introduced innovative and new ideas and concepts with the use of light-transmitting concrete technology for the construction of unique and distinguished facades.

The Al Aziz Mosque project was provided with lighting facade elements that were designed, produced and installed by LUCEM Lichtbeton.

AL Aziz Mosque in Abu Dhabi comprises a total area of 5100 m2 distributed over three levels and accommodating a total of 2270 worshipers. During the evening, when the walls become backlit, the glowing calligraphy becomes a highlight in Abu Dhabi.

Arabic letters of the different Calligraphy on each individual panel protrude in a thickness of 30 mm out of the light transmitting facade panels forming during the day hours a stunning optic of a natural stone facade with a state of art design incorporating the shadows of the calligraphy created by the sunlight. The whole facade comprises the 99 different names of God distributed on different elevations of the mosque in accordance with a strict instruction of the holy Koran.

“A mosque is a message in itself that should take you away from the materialistic everyday world and bring you closer to the metaphysical aspect of life and to God,” said Yasser Fouad, designer of the mosque and architect with APG, a UAE-based architecture, and engineering firm. “The wall is alive and part of the message, it feels like it’s reciting the names of God along with the visitor himself, a living breathing part of the whole experience of worshipping God in prayer.”

At the same time, the design of the architecture is straight and modern, new age design, based on squares and triangles instead of circles and rounded forms of traditional mosque design.

Photo credit: LUCEM


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