Images of hope drawn from reality of war

Images of hope drawn from reality of war

Yemen-based artist Saba Jallas is turning scenes of violence into images of hope to try and find an outlet for her feelings of shock at the violence which is devastating her country.

She found inspiration from Palestinian artists who drew over the smoke and explosions from the Gaza war in 2014 with pictures to inspire courage and hope.

Jallas started to create her own images on her smartphone, etching peaceful and compassionate scenes onto photographs of the destruction hitting Yemen

Her pictures are posted onto Facebook, where they have been applauded by both Yemenis and people around the world

Many show women and children embracing, while others show images of flowers.

She said: “People told me the pictures give them hope. The reaction of Yemeni people gave me the push to continue.”

Jallas hopes that the violence will come to an end as soon as possible. But in the meantime, she is going to keep drawing:

She added: “I hope to see Yemen safe, and that everyone will live with love, tolerance and optimism like brothers and sisters.

“I don’t know if it means much. But drawing is a way to heal.”

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