Illuminated crane design by Dean Skira

Illuminated crane design by Dean Skira

Lighting designer Dean Skira has turned eight cranes at one of the world’s oldest working shipyards into an illuminated tourist attraction, in Pula, Croatia.

Skira, who spoke at last year’s DesignMENA Summit event in Dubai, lit up the cranes at Uljanik Shipyard with 73 RGB LED spotlights weighing 40kg each, as part of a project called Lighting Giants.

“The idea is partly related to the time in my youth spent practicing rowing at a club opposite Uljanik,” Skira explained. “Every day I looked at the cranes that dominate the skyline of Pula bay.”

The Green and yellow lights represent Pula’s official colours

“When the town authorities started considering relocating the shipyard, I came up with the idea of highlighting them instead,” Skira said.

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