iGuzzini and Dean Skira collaborate on futuristic lighting design

iGuzzini and Dean Skira collaborate on futuristic lighting design

iGuzzini collaborates with Dean Skira for new lighting design called Underscore

UAE: International manufacturer iGuzzini has collaborated with leading lighting designer Dean Skira to create Underscore, a recent product on the market that intends to not only connect to its architectural surroundings, but also illustrate the efficiency of minimalism in material.

“We named it Underscore because the product perfectly defines the geometrical structure of spaces. Miraculously, these few millimetres of light create simple, yet highly dynamic shapes, and the luminous lines become one with the architecture,” explained iGuzzini’s technical director, Sergio Padula.

Underscore is a “new way of using light” and comes in three versions: 6, 15 and 18mm. The new design is ideal for lighting pathways, designing textures and can even serve to add colour to a space. It is a “new trend way to rediscover dark spaces using graphic light to give shape and character to shadow,” noted Padula.

iGuzzini strived to not only produce a light, but to produce an architectural tool. Underscore can frame a space and lead a user through a long corridor. It can also serve to aesthetically enhance an architectural environment. Most importantly though, is the minimal use of light and its extraordinary large cast of brightness.

Padula said: “Underscore is the smallest cut of light on the market, capable of interrupting surfaces visually. When a line is integrated in a corner, the virtual cut highlights the surface, rather than volume. Two surfaces are created: they meet, but not combine, because the cut of light is an interruption.

This gives the sensation of being in an open, not a closed box, because the surfaces are not joined, they stay open yet contiguous.”

Underscore can come as thin as 6mm wide, which currently stands to be thinner than the standard pencil. Designed to be as a slender line of light, Underscore is the slimmest on the market today.

Created with monochrome LEDS and available in different colour temperatures, the light is composed of two elements: an aluminium profile that dissipates heat, and a light strip.

Dean Skira, lighting designer, said of Underscore: “The idea for Underscore actually came from an angle we have built in our office building in a very difficult way. We wanted to separate two walls and create a subjective feeling of weightlessness. ‘Integration with inspiration’ is our motto, and that simple line was the minimalist ‘graphic light representation’ of that concept.

“In architecture, there has been long time a discussion about the connection between the surfaces…Some architects are trying to dissolve that angle in a certain way. So the idea of Underscore is cutting the angle, eliminating it within two solid forms.”

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