i29 wins award for design of Tribal DDB’s office in grey felt

i29 wins award for design of Tribal DDB’s office in grey felt

I29, The Great Indoors Awards 2011, Tribal DDB

i29’s design using grey felt in an office in Amsterdam (featured in Commercial Interior Design previously) has won The Great Indoors Awards 2011 – Concentrate and Collaborate category.

The jury included design professionals from different firms: Jurgen Bey, Kozo Fujimoto, Jan Boelen, Ilya Oskolkov-Tsentsiper and Timo de Rijk.

The jury said of the project: “At first glance, this office looks quite simple. What makes i29’s design so special is the use of a single material: felt.”

It said the interior architecture firm applied the material in a sophisticated and functional manner, and introduced a traditional handicraft into the 21st century.

“The fabric also generates a warm and rather feminine atmosphere that is, however, anything but frumpish. Combined with a clever arrangement of areas for work and relaxation, felt has been used to establish privacy without sacrificing the desired sense of openness.

“In other words, the choice of material for this project could not be better. And this is the essence of good interior design,” said the jury members.

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