Hunt for Turkish architect’s missing skull

Hunt for Turkish architect’s missing skull

Turkey’s prime minister has ordered an investigation into the disappearance of the skull of architect Mimar Sinan, who designed some of the former Ottoman Empire’s most celebrated buildings.

Sinan, who lived in the 16th Century, was buried in a tomb near Istanbul’s Suleiman Mosque (pictured), which he designed. His skull was removed for study in 1935 by a group of historians, but was never replaced.

Now Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu says he’s determined to find out its whereabouts.

“We will utilise all our tools, including DNA analysis, to find and return the skull to put an end to this blight to his memory,”

Davutoglu said during a visit to the Suleiman Mosque, calling the affair “a shameful episode” in the country’s history.

“Sinan amalgamated an entire civilisation and left it to us, and we couldn’t even protect his body,” he said.

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