<!--:en-->How To Make Your House Seem Bigger <!--:-->

<!--:en-->How To Make Your House Seem Bigger <!--:-->

We all like to use tricks to make our lives simple; if you are not entirely satisfied
with the size of the home you currently live in and you cannot afford to move
right now, here are some helpful ideas on how to make your home seem and feel

Up The Views

are cases when a house tends to hide certain rooms or areas behind staircases or other similar
amenities. Such spaces are also generally underestimated by home owners in the
detriment of the main rooms. Big mistake! If you want to create that extra room
feel inside your dwelling, make sure you start opening up the view. Space that
is underutilized can completely change the look of a home. Use some nice frames
that will act as excellent room view openers they needn’t be more than one or
two feet wider than the actual doorway. Opening up an entire wall is also a
good idea.   

Stay Away
From Formal Rooms

people actually use the formal living room inside their house for the designated
purpose of the respective room. Consider having such formal rooms you do not
actually use remodeled. Do not stay away from intelligent combinations of house
areas and transform dull, old rooms into new, spectacular, fully functional spaces.


The Heights Of Your Ceiling


are a number of houses encompassing a great room area comprised of a living
room, dining area, and a kitchen. Learn how to create the perfect contrast
between these areas and add the right-sized ceiling to them. Use lower ceilings
for kitchens, tall ceilings for living rooms and medium heights for your dining
room. Browse our magazine for more architectural tricks for your home and check
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