How Doha compares to UK and US cities

How Doha compares to UK and US cities

33. Tim Makower
Makower Architects

Tim Makower is playing a leading role in the regeneration of Old Doha while at the same time ensuring the best of its heritage is preserved.

Architect Tim Makower is heavily involved in the redevelopment of the old part of Doha – but wants to maintain the historical narrative and heritage of that part of the city a contribution to its future.

He compared the situation in the Qatari capital with the issues facing London, New York and Detroit.

“The common theme – for good and not so good – is movement. NYC and London, albeit so different from each other, both ‘hold together’ as cities – for each place roads are a positive part of their anatomy,” said Makower.

“Doha is more broken apart by roads – they slice it up into enclaves. In fact this is just part of an unfinished story for Doha – i.e. getting better as a place to move around, by all modes of travel from year to year.

“The lesson of Detroit is the People Mover: Doha should have one bussing around its Central Business District (West Bay). It would connect into the 1st floor lobbies of major buildings, link in to footbridges and create shaded bike paths, green walks and markets below its deck structure, at ground level.”

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