Hotel Show 2014 looks to Vision Conference

Hotel Show 2014 looks to Vision Conference

The Hotel Show, which is set for September 28- September 30 at the Dubai World Trade Centre, looks to host more that 16,700 attendees for the 2014 edition. The exhibition will provide a full end-to-end offering from investment to design and build, through to refurbishment, fit-out and operations.

And with Expo 2020 on the horizon, Dubai will need to be able to account for an excess of 25 million visitors, a peak in tourism which will demand nearly 45,000 new hotel rooms.

This year will see the start of International Village, which will exhibit country pavilions for international brands, Vision 2014 as well as other features like a Career & Training, The Sustainable Build and Architectural Design.

The Vision Conference will provide a platform to discuss next-generation technologies that meet sustainability needs, a growing concern across the globe.

By partnering with the Italian architecture studio, WT Project, the Hotel Show will exhibit the Future Hotel, a sustainable design feature located in Hall 8. It will consist of internationally renowned brands, products, design concepts and trend predictions for building design.

There will also be videos and exhibited creations that display newer solutions for climate protection and geothermic systems, and demonstrate the applications of new technology used in architectural and design processes.

Director of PT Project Studio, Chiara Cantono, says: “Sustainability projects are not just a passing trend, but they represent a real opportunity to improve building performance and quality of life of the local residents.

“Materials and technologies of latest generation are intelligent, interactive and above all are low environmental impact materials paired to organic forms and natural iconography of the vegetable world.”


For more information, check out CID’s upcoming August issue. 

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