HOK unveils sleek design for Qatar mall

HOK unveils sleek design for Qatar mall

The London office of HOK has revealed its design for Marina Mall, a 60,000m2 retail and leisure facility in the Lusail development on the east coast of Qatar.

The design is said to be inspired by natural forms created when water and land meet. Five interconnected retail ‘islands’ link the mall to a body of water that runs through the centre of the scheme.

Barry Hughes, vice president, HOK London, said: “The fluid sculptural exterior complements the surrounding area, whilst the flow from exterior to interior draws people into the internal oasis, providing welcome protection from the desert sun.”

The mall includes three levels, with an additional 10,000m2 hypermarket in the basement. It will also house cinemas, restaurants with terraces overlooking the marina, and spa facilities.

Water guides the visitor through the mall, leading to and from the marina, while internal waterfalls connect the different levels. Spaces between the five pebble-shaped islands will be landscaped.

Smaller outlying pods house will house additional retail, exhibition and entertainment space, such as a skate park and children’s play area.

“Great architectural design doesn’t just create a stunning object, it’s a building that provides an exceptional experience for the user. At Lusail, we were inspired by the idea of a desert canyon, a rich and green cavern protected by the overhanging walls of sand and stone,” added Hughes.

The project is aiming for QSA 5, the top ranking in Qatar’s green building index.

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