Historic house has slide installed

Historic house has slide installed

A 16.5m slide has been installed at Cliveden house in Buckinghamshire, UK for visitors to enjoy while the building’s south terrace is being restored.

The project was designed by the National Trust’s visitor experience consultant Sam Willis.

A spokesman for the Heritage body said: “What could be a time of disruption is being turned into an advantage, as the slide offers visitors to Cliveden an original and unexpected experience – as well as a totally new way of looking at the house and garden.

“Scaffolding surrounds the staircase, but this is topped by a 6.5m-tall walkway, which encases the staircase on all sides, giving views of the estate.”

The stainless steel slide is open daily from 11am – 4pm and 4 people can ride at any one time.

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