HI-MACS launch the SleepBox

HI-MACS launch the SleepBox

Hi-Macs, Sleepbox

SleepBox represents a contemporary and organic piece of furniture, designed for people who want to relax at airports, offices or other semi-public spaces, providing peace and quiet in busy urban environments.

The solid, smooth and uniform shell is made of HI-MACS, and contains a leather covered mattress.

The project was designed by Caspar Lohner at the Chair for Computer Aided Architectural Design [CAAD], Department of Architecture, ETH Zurich, supervised by Mathias Bernhard and Manuel Kretzer and produced in collaboration with Kläusler Acrylstein AG, who is the exclusive distributor for HI-MACS® in Switzerland.

The architect choose the material for the free-form shell  thanks to its extraordinary properties: it’s extremely robust, but it can be thermoformed and seamlessly connected.

Lohner was in charge of each stage – from design to fabrication – of his first project using Solid Surfaces. He was both managing the project but also producing it with a team of students from the Department of Architecture, ETH Zurich with assistance from Acrylstein.

“Every day was a challenge for me, but when something didn’t work, we tried and tried again until it was resolved. I learnt a lot about HI-MACS® fabrication possibilities thanks to this project” said Lohner.

The necessary MDF moulds were produced on a three axis CNC milling machine at ETH Zürich’s in-house facilities Raplab. The flat HI-MACS sheets were then thermoformed into shape using a vacuum membrane press.

After the material cools down it exhibits the same properties as before and can be further processed in a similar way to wood. The 11 individual pieces were finally glued together to create a single seamless homogeneous object.

SleepBox will be exhibited from January 17-21 at Swissbau 2012, Switzerland.

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