Herreros Arquitectos proposes mixed-use building for Morocco

Herreros Arquitectos proposes mixed-use building for Morocco

Spanish architecture firm Herreros Arquitectos  has unveiled its proposal for a mixed-use complex in Casablanca, Morocco, including housing, commercial and athletic space.

The building itself is characterised by a permeable facade that responds directly to the climate, while generating open spaces associated with each different living space while being at the centre of the design concept.

The decorative latticework (mashrabiya) on the facade is a contemporary reinterpretation of traditional geometric code that is common to the region, referencing the local culture.

A statement by the architects said: “The layout…seeks to become a conscious plunging into the prototypical ‘riads’ in which a permeable wall encloses the Andalusian Arabic-style gardens which are at once hidden as well as being ‘felt’ through transversal visions which doubly connect each dwelling with the city and the intimate yet exuberant spaces setting out their more intriguing plots to relate patios with roofs and streets then with gardens to convert the constructed mass into an architecturally charged landscape.”

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