Heritage village proves a hit in Sharjah

Heritage village proves a hit in Sharjah

A village which explores the heritage of Sharjah has proved popular with young visitors.

Children’s Heritage Village, part of the 13th edition of Sharjah Heritage Days, was seen by  more than 4,000 people in its opening days.

It includes workshops for colouring and a Tales Camp, which hosts a daily storyteller who narrates folk stories about the cultural heritage of the UAE.

Bands from Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan perform folk music and dance routines on the village’s stage, and poetry recitals and other cultural activities take place every day throughout Heritage Days.

Abdul Aziz Al Musallam, chairman of Sharjah Heritage Institute, said, “Children are given special attention during Sharjah Heritage Days, an event that aims to help younger generations gain deeper insight into the UAE’s rich and diverse heritage, local environment, and the lives of their forefathers.

“We are eager to connect younger generations with their ancestral heritage, so as to be able to keep their history alive and allow them to continue to experience their cultural legacies. This is all achieved through the festival.”

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