Henning Larsen designs tent-like pavilion for Rio 2016 Olympic games

Henning Larsen designs tent-like pavilion for Rio 2016 Olympic games

Danish studio Henning Larsen Architects has designed a beach-side pavilion in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, set to host sporting  as well as music and culinary events during the Olympic Games this year.

The Danish pavilion entitled ‘The Heart of Denmark’ will be located on the Ipanema Beach and will be open throughout the month of August.

Set to host a bar and exhibition on sustainable cities, the pavilion will also include an amphitheatre where visitors can enjoy the views over the Atlantic Ocean and or watch the games on the big screen.

The pavilion is a 300m2 structure in a tent-like shape and will be divided into four sections that are joined by a cross-shaped piece of clear acrylic.

Danish producer of sailboat masts, John Mast, will create the aluminium structure which will be covered in white sail cloth.

The form is set to mirror the city’s mountainous landscape as well as taking inspiring from the work of the late Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer.

“The pavilion’s simple and light expression is a reference to Nordic architecture and to Denmark’s maritime and sailing history,” said a statement from the firm.

“The triangular shells of the pavilion also pays tribute to Rio de Janeiro’s hilly landscape and are inspired by the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer’s iconic style.”

LED’s will illuminate the pavilions at night in the colours of the Danish or Brazilian flag. The lighting design will also be customised to the Olympic colours for special events.

Images by Aleksander Nowak and Omar Dabaan.

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