Henning Larsen Architects wins Libyan design competition

Henning Larsen Architects wins Libyan design competition

Recently The Central Bank of Libya was at the base of a competition between a number of elite architecture firms for the new headquarters in Tripoli, Libya.

Henning Larsen Architects took the trophy home with their winning design that was inspired by Libyan architecture and application of sustainable solutions.

Taking the lead from Berber troglodyte houses that were once the heart of Libyan architecture, Henning Larsen has designed a structure that exploits the stable temperature of the earth (at 18 degrees Celsius) and that also provides shade and ventilation through an atrium.

The design team explained: “With the sun being high and strong all year round, it has been pivotal to incorporate daylight as a parameter for design.

“At the façade, a horizontal shading system shelters the buildings from excessive solar radiation. The slightly angled atrium lets the sunlight through creating a natural lighting and at the same time prevents overheating in the building.”

In addition, the flowing facade is said to reflect the dynamism of the Libyan economy by expressing the changing surface of the desert.

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