Healthcare design impact in Middle East hospitals

Healthcare design impact in Middle East hospitals

Hospital Build Middle East

The inaugural Hospital Build Architect’s Congress in Dubai discussed the international benchmark for healthcare design and how design flaws can impact on patient health and safety in hospitals across the Middle East.

According to international safe health design professionals from the Joint Commission International (JCI) in the US, the focus for the region needs to be on the differentiated as well as the common needs of the populations served.

“JCI Accreditation primarily focuses on the processes of providing safe patient care. The built environment is critical in meeting that goal by providing a safe and secure physical environment as well as one that supports effective care processes,” said Dr Kathy Reno, safe health design consultant, JCI Chicago.

The Hospital Build Architects’ Congress addressed the challenges faced by architecture professionals in the Middle East, focusing on the development of healthcare construction facilities. Even through the slowdown of new building projects in the region, hundreds of healthcare facilities have been planned, and continue to be developed.

According to the  2009 World Healthcare Organization (WHO) guidelines on Hand Hygiene in Healthcare, Healthcare Associated Infection (HCAIs) is  a major problem for patient safety.

The most common issue the JCI has found in review of hospital designs is providing a built environment that can assist in reducing HCAIs.

“Design and architecture professionals worldwide are partnering with clinicians and communities to study as well as identify built environment solutions that can improve the provision of healthcare and maintain wellness.

“Programs such as the Hospital Build Architect’s Congress bring together professionals to share knowledge, ideas and innovations critical to improving healthcare around the globe. Regional sessions, such as this one based in Dubai, allow the program to focus on the unique as well as the common needs of the populations served,” added Reno.

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