Former stable converted into striking country house

Sitting amongst the hilltops of Spanish province Cáceres, a previous stone stable transforms into a contemporary family home by architecture studio Ábaton.

Ábaton’s goal was to restore the remote structure and to renovate it in a way that was “consistent and respectful with the environment”.

A solar panel system with storage batteries provides energy during the warmer seasons, while turbines rely on the two water streams that run throughout the estate to supply hydro electricity and clean water.

In addition to restoring the stone exterior, Ábaton had to replace most of the walls with metal columns providing a large double-height living room that stretches along the structure.

The windows are set in deep recesses, and can hide behind large wooden shutters that evoke traditional stable doors.

To further capture the essence of the former stable, the old hay lofts were turned into three bedrooms located on the higher level, while a bedroom also lines up along the back of the lower level.

Limestone floors complemented by exposed cement walls and wooden ceilings complete the transformation, enabling the country house to embody its history with a contemporary twist.

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