Hazel Wong designs high-end luxury Dubai homes on The Palm Jumeirah

Hazel Wong designs high-end luxury Dubai homes on The Palm Jumeirah

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Dubai’s Palm Jumeirah is the setting for an urban beachfront residential project which brings the seascape and marine environment of the Arabian Gulf into the heart of the living room.

Architect Hazel Wong is behind the Serenia Residences development, which will see 250 top-end homes come onto the market, spread across three buildings linked by open spaces and a large swimming pool.

Overlooking The Palm Jumeirah from one side and Burj Al Arab, the Dubai skyline and the ocean the development features large glass windows and doors to maximise the views.

“So many things make up this project,” said Wong. “There is the exclusivity, the location and the views out to sea and across The Palm.

“Then there is the connection between the exteriors and the rooms themselves and the way that natural light can flood inside.”

The initial construction phases of the buildings have been completed said developers Palma Holding. They are sited on the crescent of The Palm Jumeirah next to Anantara the Palm Dubai Resort

Currently contractors have completed all the structural works in the three buildings, including a show apartment on Level 2, East Wing. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing works are also on schedule, reaching up to Level 4 across all the structures.

The next phase of development will see ceilings, glass and aluminium installed. This work has commenced and is on track for completion dates. Hand-over is expected to be at the end of the year

“Originally there were four separate plots which made up the development,” said Wong, who designed Dubai’s Emirates Towers while working at NORR. “But in the end it was decided to amalgamate them. This allowed for far better utilisation of the site. All around Serenia there is water and you can see the skyline of Dubai as well.

“We kept the design simple, we didn’t want anything crazy, using the lightest of colours as well.”

Wong explained that the design runs against many of the trends normally associated with Dubai.

“There is a feeling out here that everyone wants something no-one has seen before, but we have made no massive statements such as installing something big on the roof.

“Instead the theme of Serenia is quiet elegance and a timeless feel, with the most possible use of sustainable material. The developers have kept faith with the original vision. I know cost is an issue but there are some things which are so key to the original design they have to be kept.”

Currently the development includes a fully-furnished show apartment for investors.

During the interview, Wong also spoke about originality in design and said she “never copies” when it comes to architecture. 

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