Hadid’s Chinese airport set to become world’s largest

Hadid’s Chinese airport set to become world’s largest

Beijing’s new airport, designed by Zaha Hadid is set to eventually be the largest in the world and its runways could be in action within four years.

Speaking at the China Design Festival developer Wang Baoling said the airport will be officially put into operation in 2019 with four runways, capable of handling 45 million passengers annually.

Construction will continue, and the airport is set to expand its annual capacity to handle 72 million passengers and two million tons of freight by 2025. By 2040, another two new runways will be completed, which will promote the airport’s capacity to deal with an annual passenger flow of 100 million and freight capacity of four million tons.

“The new airport will experience two phases of construction and will have an annual throughput capacity of 100 million passengers by 2040, becoming the world’s largest airport,” said Baoling.

Currently, the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) is the world’s largest airport with a passenger capacity of 96 million annually.

The new airport is designed to resemble a phoenix, which contrasts with the dragon shape of Beijing Capital International Airport.

The shape is also designed to maximise convenience to passengers as baggage arrival time will only take 13 minutes, and passengers will need only eight minutes to walk from the Customs to the boarding gates.

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