Hadid designs “space station” style Ronald McDonald House

Hadid designs “space station” style Ronald McDonald House

Away from the world of Olympic stadiums and luxury yachts Zaha Hadid has lent her distinctive style to a new Ronald McDonald House in Hamburg, Germany.

These homes are used across the world by families of children undergoing medical treatment at nearby hospitals.

As with previous Ronald McDonald Houses, architecture and design teams from around the globe were invited to participate in the new building.

Hadid’s contribution stands out from the rest thanks to its graceful and “space-station” inspired design – as far removed from a drab, hospital-like environment as possible.

The starchitect’s compact apartment – set to open later this year – has wooden floors and matching wood paneling lining the bottom half of the room, with white walls and ceilings making up the top half of the space.

Beds, desks, and storage units are built right into the walls to make the most of floor space, as are concealed strips of lighting.

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