‘Habibi’ cosmetics packaged in mini-terracotta pots reference Moroccan design

‘Habibi’ cosmetics packaged in mini-terracotta pots reference Moroccan design

Industrial designer Kim Ramain-Colomb has created a range of brightly packaged cosmetics called Habib, inspired by traditional Moroccan makeup.

Habibi cosmetics are stored inside terracotta containers

The makeup is stored in mini-clay pots which are a direct reference to the terracotta bowls that hold traditional Berber lipstick.

Referencing the smartphone culture, the designer created paper sleeves that wrap around the terracotta mold, which open with a swiping gesture used to unlock phones, among other functions used in smartphones.

Habibi cosmetics are compact, referring to today’s smartphone culture

The packaging itself is decorated with geometric shapes and a variety of colours which depict the product inside.

The makeup is made using traditional Aker Fassi pigment which the designer discovered at a market in Morocco. It is made up of poppy extract and can be applied without the use of a brush or sponges, simply by using your finger.

Habibi cosmetics are inspired by traditional Berber lipstick.

The pigment has been added to other elements in the Habibi collection including eyeshadow, blush and mixed compacts, all placed in palm-sized terracotta containers.

The collection is part of Ramain-Colomb’s diploma project at the Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne (ECAL) in Switzerland.







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