Green road plan for Abu Dhabi

Green road plan for Abu Dhabi

Construction of the Middle East’s first “green road” – set to be  built using the latest eco-friendly technology –  is scheduled to start in 2015.

The Department of Transport in Abu Dhabi says it is gearing up to commence engineering design for the  5km pilot project which  will  link existing Abu Dhabi-Dubai Main Road (E11) and the new Abu Dhabi-Dubai Main Road (E311).

The department claims this project will be a model for future-to-be-built roads in Abu Dhabi as it will support the highest sustainable practices adopted worldwide such as solutions to lower carbon emissions, as well as environment-friendly construction material such as recycled asphalt/concrete aggregates and scrap rubber tires.

In addition, the project will use renewable energy for lighting. Materials used in constructing the road are planned to ensure high levels of safety and security for vehicles as well as lower maintenance and operations cost of the road.


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