Green alternative to plastic packaging created by RCA designer

Green alternative to plastic packaging created by RCA designer

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Designer Felix Pottinger has created a sustainable alternative to plastic food packaging using washed-up seagrass.

The German Royal College of Art graduate, who created the packaging as part of his Design Products masters, claims the material is biodegradable and has antibacterial properties that help keep dry food fresh.

The dried seagrass fibre is bound together using a cellulose-based extract from the plant. Once mixed, the seagrass is pressed into a metal mould and baked until completely dry.

“It’s a natural waste material, and past research showed that it is highly resistant against mould,” said Pottinger.

“I’m only using the dead seagrass fibres that appear on the beaches of the Mediterranean coast, so there is no industrial harvesting process to harm the population of the seagrass or any living being.

“This project is about building links across disciplines to bring together expertise and promote the power of design and its role in society.

“The outcome should react to the problems and threats of our society and our relationship with food.

“With a global food waste of approximately 1.3 billion tonnes, and 15 million tonnes of food-related plastic waste a year, it is our responsibility as designers to solve this massive problem by new material approaches.”

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