GP Acoustics sets up new office in Dubai

GP Acoustics sets up new office in Dubai

British brand GP Acoustics has recently opened a new office in Dubai where it will be selling its KEF brand custom install products to regional clients and designers.

“The KEF brand has been in the Middle East region for almost five years now, but has been represented by distributors,” explains Middle East general manager Rajeev Abraham. He adds: “KEF decided to set up its own office infrastructure and team in this region now since its customer base has been growing rapidly and warranted closer attention.”

According to Abraham, KEF was also looking to pay more attention to its customers in the region, therefore the investment would be beneficial to the clients as well. “Moreover, the Middle East region has a mature acoustics industry segment, which views its music seriously. KEF pays much attention to the audiophile segment, which has been growing rapidly in the Middle East region over the last few years.”

KEF’s attention will primarily be on premium residential, hotel public spaces, luxury suites, universities, luxury yachts and restaurants that prioritise high resolution sound quality.

Abraham adds that KEF’s product solutions are ideal for audiophile quality background music that would be ideal for hotel lobbies, corridors, spas, pools and landscaping schemes. Its motorised speakers can also be used to play back a video or audio presentation, which could offer office boardrooms as well as classrooms new methods for presentations.

KEF’s product range is wide and provides three streams of products mainly focused on the audiophile segment of the acoustics market. The first stream offers a range of traditional speakers used in home theatre and personal music reproduction applications. The second stream offers a range of speakers used in building projects that includes overhead in-ceiling and wall-mount speakers. The third stream offers personalised devices such as earphones, headphones, wireless desktop speakers, multi-room speakers and soundbars.

“The key highlight of the KEF innovation is its patented award-winning Uni-Q technology that merges the woofer, mid-range and tweeter in a single acoustics centre,” says Abraham. “The benefit this technology offers is that the Uni-Q speakers offer far greater depths of music reproduction as compared to the traditional ceiling or wall-mount speaker that operates on mid-frequency…The Uni-Q technology provides the clarity and depth in a single speaker footprint…Our speakers are sought after by those who desire high-definition music reproduction.”

With the new office serving the whole Middle East including the GCC, Levant, Egypt and Jordan, Abraham insists that the company’s focus in the region is on the custom install stream of KEF’s business.

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