Google reveals plans for new California campus

Google reveals plans for new California campus

Google, NBBJ

Global architecture firm NBBJ will work alongside Google to design its new 100,000m2 campus in San Francisco Bay, California.

The resulting property will be more than twice the size of its existing headquarters at the nearby Mountain View Googleplex.

The initial rendering displays a bent rectangle organised to form large and smaller courtyards. Nine structures are all connected by bridges, one of which leads to a green roof containing a café and a meeting space.

“We started not with an architectural vision but with a vision of the work experience,” said David Radcliffe, a civil engineer who oversees Google’s property. “So we designed this from the inside out.”

To help the architects understand its employees’ design needs, Google presented masses of information to NBBJ on how they work.

No employee will be more than a two-and-a-half minute walk from any other to encourage a “casual collision of the workforce” and the spread of ideas throughout the company, said Radcliffe.

Facebook is also planning a new campus in the Bay Area, which will be the largest open-plan office in the world, designed by architect Frank Gehry. In addition, Apple is currently constructing its headquarters in Cupertino, California, designed by Foster + Partners.

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