Snøhetta and Aecom to design NBA basketball arena

Snøhetta and Aecom to design NBA basketball arena

Architecture firms Snøhetta and Aecom will be designing the new stadium for NBA basketball team, the Golden State Warriors, on the waterfront in San Francisco.

The new arena will replace the teams existing Oracle Arena in Oakland, which is leased to expire in 2017.

To be constructed in time for the 2017-18 basketball season, the 67, 000m2 arena will also be home to music concerts, conventions as well as other cultural events.

The circular building has large areas of glazing around the façade, designed to provide visitors a view from the outside into the practice facility and the arena during games.

Craig Dykers, architect and founding director, Snøhetta said: “We believe our new design lives up to the importance of this incredible waterfront and fuses together the vision of the Golden State Warriors with the landscape of the bays.”

The disc-like roof will be covered with LEDs and will be used for the projection of images. The space will also accommodate 8000m2 of retail space including a fire station with docks for fireboats.

The construction of the Golden State Warriors arena is expected to take three years.

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