Glow Lounge opens in Abu Dhabi

Glow Lounge opens in Abu Dhabi

Rosewood Abu Dhabi launches open-air lounge, Glo, and displays memorable design features inspired by desert landscape.

Designed by New York-based architecture firm Handel Architects, Glo Lounge is an open-air space that maintains a number of exclusive design elements, specifically the “globrellas”.

The globrella is a one of a kind, column-like structure, that’s creation was inspired by the shapes and forms of the palm tree.

Made of stainless steel and built in two sizes, the globrellas not only offer a unique design element to Glo Lounge, but also function as larger sun umbrellas. Jonathan Kinsley, director of marketing, explained: “They were designed as canopy-like structures to offer shade to guests and to help reduce the overall amount of sunlight on the pool deck. Additionally, they help to create a sense of scale to the pool deck and create intimacy by visually screening portions of the deck from the surrounding buildings.”

Evoking the shape of the large desert plant, the globrellas display slim ‘trunks’ that open towards the top of the frames. Kinsley explained: “The inspiration for the Globrellas came from the silhouette and [shape] of the palm trees, a natural form of canopy that is seen throughout the region.

“As the design developed, we introduced a perforated pattern into the skin of the structures that would allow sunlight to filter through and create interesting patterns on the pool deck, similar to light filtering through palm leaves in a tropical breeze.”

The geometric engravings carved into the globrellas’ facade were inspired by an Arabesque pattern the designers discovered at a local market. By expanding the pattern’s dimensions, the design team was able to manage the right amount of light that could transcend the sculptures, and display their pattern on the ground.

Additionally, the designers took into account the different effects the sun’s changing position would have on the overall design.

Kinsley noted: “During the day, the globrellas are constantly changing in appearance depending on the position of the sun. As the sun makes its way across the pool deck, they act as reflectors of light, taking on various hues of colour depending on the surface they reflect. At times, they have a golden tint when reflecting the pavement, or a bluish tint when reflecting the pool’s water.

“At night, they take on a completely different appearance and become light reflectors creating an ambient light source for the pool deck. We achieved this by up-lighting the underside of the canopy to create the reflection.”

In addition to the globrellas, Glo Lounge features palm trees that have been planted on platforms positioned throughout the lounge’s pool. Additionally, the furniture follows a nude palette, which continues the earthy, yet luxurious feel of the space.

The bar, sitting at just 42m long, has now become the longest bar in Abu Dhabi, which speaks for the volume of the pool deck.

“The globrellas and the Glo Lounge were designed simultaneously and both utilise the same stainless steel perforated panels as the main expression to their skin.

“Together, these elements create scale, a sense of place, and add unique interest to the pool deck. These canopy-like elements along with the planted palm trees help protect guests and residents by providing shade and comfort where necessary,” he said.

With public design on the rise in the Middle East, Glo Lounge introduces a new path to creating open spaces. The globrellas provide a memorable statement for the space and display the importance of finding new solutions for artistic, functional designs.

Rosewood Abu Dhabi is a five-star luxury hotel located in the heart of the emirate’s new Central Business District. It’s known for offering great views of the waterfront at Al Maryah Island. The 34-storey hotel boasts 189 rooms and suites, and a number of social amenities, business facilities and shopping outlets, with Glo Lounge being one of the latest additions.

Interesting facts about Rosewood Hotels & Resorts

• The hotel was founded in 1979, with its headquarters in Dallas, Texas.
• Rosewood Abu Dhabi first opened in May 2013, with this branch being the hotel’s first property in the United Arab Emirates.
• Handel Architects, the designers of Glo Lounge, also designed the rest of the hotel and residences.
• Rosewood Abu Dhabi follows a modern design with its exterior covered with reflective glass, offering a daytime shimmer and night-time glow.
• Handel Architects source various elements common in Middle Eastern textiles and culture for inspiration, including the screens and veils found throughout the region.

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