Giant Spanish skyscraper lacks lift

Giant Spanish skyscraper lacks lift

Absent-minded architects in the Spanish coastal resort of Benidorm pressed ahead with plans for a 200 metre tall two-tower skyscraper – but forgot to include plans for a lift to the top.

InTempo Towers was originally billed as “a vision of the future” and a symbol of Spain’s re-emergence from the crippling financial crisis which devastated the country’s economy.

With 47 floors of living space the structure was intended to be the tallest residential building in Europe.

But with only months until it is due for completion a major problem has arisen –the lack of a lift.

The towers were originally designed to be only 20 floors high, but ambitious developers decided to double the scale of the project midway through – forgetting that those wishing to buy expensive apartments with amazing views might not relish the idea of an uphill climb.

A lift exists for the first 20 floors, but beyond that there is only the stairs. And reports suggest there is no more space for another lift or motor equipment.
The project was designed by Spanish architects Roberto Perez Guerras  who have since resigned.

This news is just the latest disaster to befall the project once called: “A majestic building, that will mark a before and after in architecture and town-planning in Spain”, by its designers.
It suffered its first setback in 2009, when the construction company involved went into liquidation. Later, an elevator fell with 13 people trapped inside and ambulances were unable to reach the site because vehicle
access had been removed to save costs.

The Intempo Tower is due for completion in December 2013, although it remains unclear how the missing elevator will be resolved.

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