German hair salon goes minimal

In the heart of Berlin, Germany, lays Viktor Leske International, a new hair salon by Karhard Architektur + Design.

Divided into two rooms, the salon boasts minimal elements that style both sections, with a view of the interior offered to pedestrians through the store front window.

In the front room, two large double-faced mirrors framed by black steel and attached to curved oxidised and polished stainless steel, hang from the ceiling, while a dark wooden ridge lines the wall and allows for seating. A giant concrete structure in the shape of a podium marks the receptionist’s desk.

In the corner of the front room are the steps that line up to the back area where the hair washing stations are positioned.

The second room brings colour to the salon’s concrete and steel palette through the illuminated panels in the folded mirror wall. The lights change between green, pink, purple and red, adding an urban funk to the contemporary space.


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