GE Lighting claims to reduce usage cost by 80%

GE Lighting claims to reduce usage cost by 80%

GE Lighting

Diederik de Stoppelaar, global outdoor leader, GE Lighting, said during a roadshow in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, that it was important to adapt energy efficient lighting systems.

“Apart from reduced energy consumption, GE Lighting’s new portfolio of lighting solutions also ensures the added advantage of reduced carbon footprint and reduction in the cost of usage by up to 80% that adds to the long-term value for users,” he said.

The lighting firm showcased its portfolio of energy-efficient lighting systems in Saudi Arabia, which covered requirements of the Kingdom across road transport, commercial, hospitality and retail segments, among others.

The portfolio featured both LED down lights as well as indoor products, in addition to a collection of lighting options ideal for the outdoor weather conditions of the region.

He added: “With growing demand for energy as well as the Kingdom witnessing massive investments in infrastructure development including the building of new highways and commercial projects, drawing on the newest technologies in lighting is important for long-run operational efficiencies as well as to meet the energy requirements.”

Among the latest products on display included the new Lumination LED Luminaires range for office applications, and the LED Road R250 for smart city outdoor lighting.

Last year, GE Lighting unveiled its first full-fledged distribution center in the Middle East in Jebel Ali Free Zone, Dubai.

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