GCC lighting sector experiences revival

GCC lighting sector experiences revival

According to a report released by the global consultancy firm Front & Sullivan, the UAE and Saudi Arabia are leading the rising GCC lighting sector, as both have accounted for 70% of the $2.5bn regional market value in 2013.

Driven by increased demand as a result of the fully recovered construction market, the sector for lighting fixtures in the Gulf is expected to rise between eight and 10% between 2014 and 2018.

Commenting on the growth of the lighting market is Light Middle East organiser Epoc Messe Frankfurt CEO Ahmed Pauwels, who says: “It is great news for the lighting design sector because it means there are more projects, residential, industrial and commercial, coming online, and with them opportunities for lighting designers to contribute to the lighting future of the region, not only from a business perspective, but also from a creative perspective.”

Pauwels adds: “This is more prevalent now with the onset of regional governments turning toward more sustainable and eco-friendly lighting solutions, paving the way for the world’s leading lighting designers to showcase their latest designs and solutions using global best practice, but with a local twist.”

The rise in the lighting market will surely boast a number of lucrative opportunities for global manufacturers and designers. And it is expected that many of the top 50 global lighting names will be in attendance to the Light Middle East 2014 edition, taking place from November 3-5, held at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

At Light Middle East, European manufacturers like Rovasi and Regiolux will be introducing their latest ranges of energy efficient lights, which will likely be welcomed by many regional governments as they’ve been pushing forward initiatives on sustainability in building design.

The Light Middle East fair is expecting visitors mostly from the Middle East and North African countries such as Qatar, the UAE, and Kuwait.

According to Pauwels, the competition between major lighting houses is expected to grow more intense. He says: “The competition will be robust, as it should be, and this is healthy for the regional lighting industry.”
Additionally, Pauwels notes that ahead of the market’s rise will be sustainable lighting designs as sustainability and green design are pioneering sector trends.

He concludes: “With sustainability the common theme, eco-friendly LEDs will be the fastest growing technology penetrating the regional lighting industry in coming years. Strategic alliances and technology partnerships are perhaps the favourable routes for lighting companies looking to enter the market.”

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