GCC interior design spend to exceed $56.9bn in 2011

GCC interior design spend to exceed $56.9bn in 2011

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Total spending for the GCC’s interior design segment is expected to grow in 2011, showing an increase from last year’s recorded figure of $56.9 billion, according to a recent report from Proleads, a business intelligence and research firm.

The Proleads report has also reported the total spend for the UAE interior design segment is expected to grow to $22.5 billion this year.

The Association of Professional Interior Designers (APID) has confirmed there is an increased demand for interior design services across the GCC in general and the UAE, in particular.

“The GCC’s interior design industry is currently witnessing rapid growth and development and is strongly reflected in the high number of design projects that accompany the current batch of world class development projects in the region,” said Farida Kamber Al Awadhi, president, APID.

The increase in services can be seen in the UAE’s projects like hotels, mixed-use projects and villas. The strong growth balances the number of projects from 2009 to 2010, which totaled $21.8 billion – with the UAE representing two-thirds of the total project value.

The 2011 UAE spend refers to fixtures and facilities like curtain walling, doors, windows, canopy and skylights, stone cladding, swimming pools, garbage disposal, window cleaning, parking management, lifts, sanitary fittings, light fittings, external lighting, car park, landscaping, signage, kitchen, laundry and furniture.

The projected increase has encouraged APID to launch and adopt new programmes that hope to create more opportunities for interior design professionals in the Middle East region.

APID is currently preparing for the region’s first Festival of Interior Design (FOiD), which will be held from October 22-25, 2011 across Dubai. The festival will be accompanied by the ‘Interior Design Congress, which will run on October 22, 2011, which will include four keynote speakers and two panel sessions featuring well-known design personalities.

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