Gaudi inspired festive gingerbread house

Gaudi inspired festive gingerbread house

A festive gingerbread house inspired by the work of Catalan Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi has been created by US culinary firm Modernist Cuisine. It is based on the Casa Batllo Museum in Barcelona.

After creating a blueprint, the team used a laser cutter to replicate what they called “the organic, serpentine curves of Casa Batllo in gingerbread” and etching the delicate balconies in fondant.

Other materials included crushed candies for stained-glass windows, edible gold dust, rice paper snowflakes and powdered tapioca.

“Everything about the structure is edible, from the luster on each chimney and spire to the blanket of snow dusting the roof and ground,” wrote its creators on the Modernist Cuisine website.

The gingerbread house has been presented to the Seattle Children’s Hospital.

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