Game of Thrones themed tour of Spain’s Moorish architecture on offer

Game of Thrones themed tour of Spain’s Moorish architecture on offer

Tours of the architecture featured in worldwide hit TV show Game of Thrones are being organised by a travel agency.

With series five of the show set to feature the fictional desert kingdom of Dorne much of the filming took place in southern Spain and featured Moorish designs.

Travel referral service Zicasso is looking to attract all die-hard fans with a luxury tour of some of the country’s most historical, and most beautiful, cities.

Sites in Andalusia offer the perfect filming location for the ancient towns in the realm of House Martell depicted on screen. These include Alcazar, a former Muslim fort that is celebrated for its Mudejar architecture.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site, provides the setting for the Water Palace of Sunspear in the series.

The upper levels of the building are still used by the Spanish royal family as an official residence, making it the oldest palace still in service.

In the show Prince Doran Martell, portrayed by actor Alexander Siddig, will meet with Jaime Lannister, played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, in order to try to save the land and his people.

Alcazar was also the set for the court of the King of Jerusalem in 2005’s Kingdom of Heaven and was also used while filming Lawrence of Arabia in 1962.

Game of Thrones enthusiasts will also head to the town of Osuna, specifically to take in the city’s impressive bullring which doubles as a gladiatorial “fighting pit” on screen

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