Gaggenau to sponsor and exhibit at Objects of Desire

Gaggenau to sponsor and exhibit at Objects of Desire

Having recently launched the ‘Gaggenau is back!’ campaign, popular kitchen-ware design company, Gaggenau looks forward to being one of our sponsors at this year’s Objects of Desire book launch.

According to brand manager, Mouad Benmoussa, the campaign’s strategy is to bring the brand to the forefront of the design scene, with its main objective making Gaggenau visible to design and art aficionados. Sponsoring Objects of Desire allows Gaggenau to reach out to designers and clients from the region, showing them what they offer.

“We liked the concept of Objects of Desire very much,” says Benmoussa. “The pieces features are all special in terms of the design behind them, the story being told and the context in which the products are exposed. All this matches with how Gaggenau is positioned as the only luxury home appliances brand with a strong design background.”

Benmoussa furthers that Objects of Desire is a great publication that’s rare for the region’s market today. “I have not seen a lot of books where we find amazing design pieces exposed in a beautiful way,” he says. To the brand manager, Objects of Desire is a book that’s ideal to store in one’s library, using it as a reference for the local design scene.


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