Future Makkah exhibition opens in Saudi Arabia

Future Makkah exhibition opens in Saudi Arabia

International urban and infrastructure development event Future Makkah was inaugurated yesterday by the deputy governor of Makkah Province, Dr Abdul-Aziz bin Abdullah Al-Khudairi.

Future Makkah has been organised to support the Makkah Development Plan, providing a dedicated business networking platform that supports public and private investment initiatives in the Holy City of Makkah.

It is expected that  5,000 visitors will attend the three day event at the Jeddah Center for Forums and Events.

Speaking at the inauguration, Dr. Abdul-Aziz bin Abdullah Al-Khudairi, said: “Projects worth billions of dollars are being initiated in the Makkah region, especially residential projects that are being undertaken to solve the housing problem in Makkah. Further, the immediate emphasis will be to prevent project delays and complete unfinished projects.

“A strategy is also in place to achieve all round development and resolve the problem of population explosion, congestion and overcrowding in major cities. The key is to ease the burden on major cities and support the development of other provinces, making them self sufficient.”

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