AND Furniture’s Boris chair inspired by ‘The Who’

AND Furniture’s Boris chair inspired by ‘The Who’

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Interior designer Mel Nelson launches AND Furniture to Asia and the Middle East.

The London-based designer has partnered with Hong Kong-based interior decorator, Di White, of InSite Ltd, to source, design and manufacture furniture for the collector and design enthusiast.

Nelson has a range of iconic pieces as well as those of design partner, Angus Addison, and other collaborators including the Boris Arachnid Chair, inspired by The Who song, Boris the Spider and the three-tiered side table, Rib.

“I believe that furniture design from the 1930s–1950s was the greatest period for the industry in the 20th Century,” said Nelson. “Collaborating with excellent craftsmen such as Keith Sealey to design Boris was very rewarding and using the best materials available in the sculpted form of its legs brought about a remarkable feat of engineering to support the seat.”

The five-legged chair is made of matt black finished wood with a velvet seat cushion and the feet are coated in shiny nickel.

Nelson has always had an interest in furniture, from her time at college and throughout her professional career designing bespoke furniture. She has designed chairs for the Royal Academy of Music in London and has exhibited at Verona, Italy with international design firm Sawaya and Moroni, and has shown at RIBA.

Other pieces include: Otto a three-legged side table, composed of hairline stainless steel topped with organic Italian stone, and Halo a contemporary designer umbrella stand with removal base in a Rose Bronze finish, both designed by Angus Addison.

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