French ceramic tile manufacturers to launch products in GCC

“Salernes, esprit de decoration”, is a collection of indoor tiles by ceramic artists from Salernes, France.

The collection will be available across the GCC and includes Élégance, Butterfl y, Soleil d’or, Coton, Zen ambiant, Colombine, Bayadère and Chaton, a range of decorative designs that sway between tradition and modernity.

Acanthe, Acacia, Palmier, Rose, Floralies and Arabesques, a floral inspired product range and Marine decors for those who have a passion for sailing, the sea and the shore.

“These new collections highlight the inimitable creative talent of this leading French brand,” said Tarek Solimane, UBIFRANCE French Trade Commission.

“It is with these thoughts that a collection of 15 inspirational creations has been fashioned, offering today’s kitchens and bathrooms a touch of modernity with a myriad of bright colours, reinvented decorative designs, dazzling, refined or cozy atmospheres.”

GCC distributors include Faden Trading & Contracting in Riyadh, email and Issa Bin Laden for Decoration in Jeddah, email

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