Frank Lloyd Wright memorial tour staged

Frank Lloyd Wright memorial tour staged

In honour of Frank Lloyd Wright, the Guggenheim in New York has hosted an “Art in the Round: Architecture Tour” about his design for the building.

“Wright believed that rectangular spaces were like coffins for the human soul,” gallery educator Elisabeth Bardt-Pellerin said. “He wanted to create spaces that made you feel good.”

In 1943, Hilla Rebay, an adviser to businessman Solomon Guggenheim, sent a letter to Wright asking him to be the architect for his museum project saying he wanted “create a temple for the human soul.”

Wright designed the building spiral shape because it is often represented in nature, and the inverted structure idea came from the premise that buildings should grow upwards like plants, Bardt-Pellerin said.

The tour focused on the unconventional design of the building. Since most of the ramps and floors going upwards seem to float with nothing underneath, what holds it all together are three columns, one of which has the elevator inside of it, along with 12 divisions on the ceiling.

“Wright referred to nature as his bible and insisted that the museum be built by Central Park to bring people closer to nature,” Bardt-Pellerin said.

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