Frank Gehry proposes new project for Toronto

Frank Gehry proposes new project for Toronto

World-renowned architect, Frank Gehry has unveiled a proposal for a new art gallery and university complex at the heart of Toronto’s entertainment district, near the historic Royal Alexandra Theatre.

Three 80-85 metre-high residential towers located on top of the new buildings are designed in collaboration with the director of production company Mirvish Productions, David Mirvish.

The Mirvish Collection gallery is located beneath two of the towers, housing a collection of abstract art built by David and Audrey Mirvish throughout a period of 50 years.

Standing alongside the gallery is the OCAD University Public Learning Centre for Visual Art, Cultural Studies and Art History which will be placed beneath the third tower.

“It’s especially interesting that this project involves the arts,” said Gehry. “With this project, I wanted to create buildings that were good neighbours to the surrounding buildings and that respected the rich and diverse history of the area.”

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