Frank Gehry to design New York’s Facebook office

Frank Gehry to design New York’s Facebook office

Facebook has announced that Frank Gehry will design a new office in New York for its engineering team.

The collaboration with Frank Gehry, who is also working on Facebook’s new Silicon Valley campus, was announced in a note posted on the company’s website by Serkan Piantino, site director for Facebook New York’s engineering team.

He said the new offices would “share many of the features of [Facebook’s] headquarters, but will be distinctly Big Apple in design and speak to the unique experience of working in a place like Manhattan.”

Gehry’s design will provide employees with “big, open spaces for people to work and collaborate, and lots of room for conference rooms and cozy spaces where people can meet or grab a white board to talk through ideas on a whim,” Piantino added.

The 9300-square-metre office will cover two floors of an existing building in the city, reported to be 770 Broadway in lower Manhattan, which is currently home to companies including AOL and the Huffington Post.

Scheduled for early 2014, the move will double the size of the firm’s engineering offices, which are currently based at 335 Madison Avenue, and will also accommodate sales, marketing, communications and design teams.

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