Foster unveils skyways for cycles

Foster unveils skyways for cycles

Leading UK architect Lord Norman Foster wants to give cyclists a bird’s eye view of London.

The man behind Wembley Stadium and the Millennium Bridge, has drawn up plans for a 220 km network of elevated cycleways above the city’s  main railway lines.

The SkyCycle scheme would allow cyclists to ride into central London at the height of a three-storey building, away from the congested roads below.

Foster’s team estimate the network of 10 routes, accessed by ramps at 209 points, could be used by about 400,000 people during rush hour and would cut up to 30 minutes from commuting times.

They believe it would end  the problem of cyclists and vehicles contesting space on cramped roads, which has led to several recent accidents.  Foster – who says he has a “passion” for cycling added the routes could even become a tourist attraction.

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