Forest of illuminated paper trees created inside gallery

Forest of illuminated paper trees created inside gallery

Architect Orproject has constructed a forest of glowing indoor trees made of paper which join up to form an over-head canopy at a gallery called The Brick House in New Delhi, India.

Called Vana, meaning “forest” in Sanskrit, features four trunk-like structures designed to imitate natural growth patterns.

“When the leaf grows, the veins develop with it in order to reach each cell on the surface of the leaf and supply them with nutrients,” said Christoph Klemmt, one of the studio’s founders.

“Also when a tree grows, it tries to get an exposure of each leaf to the sunlight, so a similar mechanism drives the branching of the tree.

“We wrote a computer algorithm to simulate this development, in order to grow architecture.”

The installation is made from triangular segments of paper connected via stitched joints and backlit by LEDs.

When the lights are turned on, the light glows through the gaps and highlights the vein-like structure of the piece.



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