Fold-out house forms new public arena

Fold-out house forms new public arena

A house in the small town of York, Alabama, USA, has been designed to  fold open to provide seating for an open-air performance space for stage productions and music

Sections of the structure, designed by architectural artist Matthew Mazzotta, are hinged and unfold to reveal rows of seating inside the walls and under the roof.

Community organisation Coleman Center for the Arts and local residents teamed up with Mazzotta to demolish a derelict house in the middle of the town and re-use its materials and site for a new public space – an amenity lacking locally.

“Public space is an important element for the social and political health of a community,” Mazzotta said. “If there is nowhere for people to come together and talk, except for the grocery store,
then the conversations about the town are much less dynamic and inclusive.”

The original derelict building was a local eyesore until its materials were salvaged and put to use. The remains of the house were then destroyed by firefighters.

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