‘Fog-harvesting robots’ proposed for San Francisco

‘Fog-harvesting robots’ proposed for San Francisco

A radical waterfront project, which contains thousands of sensors and motorised components to harvest fog and rain water, has been proposed for San Francisco.

Reported on the HYDRAMAX Port Machines project by Future Cities Lab is on display at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) until July 29.

The proposal treats the existing waterfront as new a ‘soft system’  with aquatic parks, community gardens and wildlife refuges.

A huge urban scale robotic structure harvests rainwater and fog, while modulating air flow, solar exposure and intelligent building systems.

A network of infrared proximity sensors has been integrated into the four sides of a physical model on display at SFMOMA, which records the distance of gallery visitors.

The sensors control the white feather-like ‘fog harvesting robots’ and the brightness of embedded LEDS.

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