Floating sauna wins US architecture award

Floating sauna wins US architecture award

An architect firm has designed a mobile sauna which is floating along the waterways of the US city of Seattle this summer.

Led by Jon Gentry and Aimee O’Carroll – an architect originally from London – goCstudio won a 2016 National Small Projects award from the American Institute of Architects (AIA) for wa_sauna, its electric motor-powered floating sauna.

The unique vessel can hold six people and is propelled by an electric trolling motor with three 12-volt batteries and heated by a wood burning stove.  The 28 empty 55-gallon drums attached underneath cause it to float.

The windows are made with clear acrylic panels and spruce wood was used to make the sauna’s interior and benches. The exterior is all made out of marine-grade plywood, cost-efficient and easy to fold for transportation.

Users can easily exit the sauna via a door or side hatch and quickly cool off by jumping into the cool water.

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