Floating island designed for The World

Floating island designed for The World

Atoll Floating Islands, a Dubai-based JV between Palmerstone and Donald Starkey Designs, has developed a floating villa concept for The World.

The first ‘Ome should start construction in 2012, and will be offered as a turnkey project with completed finished, customised, high-specification interiors for delivery in 2013/4.

Known as the ‘Ome, this monocoque-type structure is meant to be maneuvered between Dubai’s coast and The World.

The first ‘Ome will be available in a 32m diameter form, comprising an upper and lower deck configuration.

It will have five bedrooms, large open planning living areas and a central 10m diameter seawater pool, encompassing more than 1,400 m² of usable living space.

The layout can be adjusted to suit each owner’s requirements. The design is intended to align with maritime law, as well as meeting the design standards of The World’s developer, Nakheel.

Designer Donald Starkey said: “The unique prospect of owning an island on The World brings its own set of challenges, and we believe we have created something that will deal with all the considerations that island owners have to deal with when it comes to developing their island. The ‘Ome provides the infrastructure for the entire island, without the need to break ground.”

Each ‘Ome will be self-sustainable, with power, water and waste management included as part of the overall design.

It will also include photovoltaic cells on its roof, which will enable the property to be completely self-powered.

It is estimated that each ‘Ome would be capable of producing enough energy to power six large households, about 30,000kW of renewable energy, which will reduce running costs for owners, as well as reducing their carbon footprint. Service and towing support to move the ‘Ome will be provided by a facilities management company, said Starkey.

It is planned that ‘Omes will be built on the Dubai mainland, but the design is applicable to almost any coastal location.

The company is considering the potential for building units in Abu Dhabi, Qatar and other island or remote beach locations around the globe.

Graham Henderson, owner of Palmerstone and the developer of the ‘Ome, said: “There really is no limit to where we can build the ‘Ome, and considering the specific requirements of people looking to the ‘Ome as a solution, the interior design and fit-out will also provide limitless options.”

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