Fisherman home is part of Japanese earthquake reconstruction

Fisherman home is part of Japanese earthquake reconstruction

The latest project to complete in architect Toyo Ito’s Home For All community rebuilding programme, bought in after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami which hit Japan, is a timber and concrete pavilion in a fishing village

It was designed by Yang Zhao and is the ninth building in the project, which involves the construction of new community buildings in the worst-hit areas.

Zhao designed his building for the coastline of the Kesennuma fishing community in north-west Japan, creating a structure that can be used as a market hall, a meeting place or a performance area.

“It’s a shelter in which fishermen can take a rest, a place where the wives would wait for their husbands to return with the catch and sometimes a marketplace,” explained Zhao.

“At night, the building glows warmly from within, like a lighthouse, waiting for fishermen to come back from the sea.

Concrete walls support a large pitched roof and also frame a trio of wooden platforms that accommodate different activities.

The first platform has  a kitchen and can be enclosed behind sliding glass doors. The second is based on the engawa, a traditional Japanese veranda, while the third includes both toilet facilities and a seating area.

A multi-purpose space at the centre of the pavilion is exposed to the elements and features a timber-lined ceiling punctured by a large triangular skylight.

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